The discovery of the RdCVF protein (Rod-derived Cone Viability Factor) has provided a clue to understanding the loss of cone photoreceptors and therewith of the central and light-adapted vision. In most cases of rod-cone degenerations, like retinitis pigmentosa  (RP) the loss of the cone photoreceptors is a secondary effect caused by the degeneration of rod photoreceptors due to mutations expressed only in rods. It has been clearly shown that RdCVF protein protects cone viability in experimental models of retinal degenerative disorders.

Moreover, the RdCVF protein not only rescues cones but also significantly preserves their function, offering major therapeutic potential for human retinal neurodegenerative diseases.

Image3 Image4 cnes_photorcepteurs_avec_OA_01_zoom In vivo cone photoreceptor imaging in humans by adaptive optics. These pictures have been done at the Institut de la Vision in Paris, in the lab of Michel Paques.



About RdCVF

RdCVF is a Collaborative project funded through the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)



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1st Periodic Meeting
8 December, 2011
Institut de la Vision
Paris - France

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10 March, 2010
Institut de la Vision
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